Facilities & Visitor Information

1.The park’s visitor center provides services such as visitor enquiries, storage, announcements, guided tour application, and lost property.

2.At the park’s visitor center, visitors can borrow strollers and wheelchairs.

3.Smoking is prohibited inside the theatre, museums, exhibition halls and all traditional houses. Please smoke at the designated smoking area that is located outdoors throughout the park. In protecting the park’s natural environment and the surrounding forest please do not litter cigarette bud, chewing gum and betel nut spits, and please do not pick flowers or plants.

4.Please do not bring pets or dangerous items into the museums and traditional houses.

5.Cars are not allowed inside the park. Please walk or take the park’s mini bus or to get around.

6.Please do not enter the museums shirtless, or in improper footwear.

7.Please do not eat, drink, talk loudly, spit or litter inside the museums.

8.Please do not take photos, video and sound recordings inside the performing theatre. For all other museums and exhibition halls, please follow the instructions as shown there. When taking photos, please do not use tripods and flash.

9.There are first aid kits at different locations inside the park. There are also pick-up mini bus, toilets and seating spaces available for visitors with mobility impairments. Please feel free to utilize them.