DATE: 2022/01/08

Cemelesai Takivalit _ indigenous artists from Taiwan

排灣族Paiwan / 李明義 峨塞.達給伐歷得(Cemelesai Takivalit)
Cemelesai Takivalit, born in Tavalan Community (Tashe Village ), Sandimen Township, Pingtung County, loves to create art.Having been following the local elders to hunt in the mountains from a young age, he has insightful observation into the color dynamic of the primitive forest. In his early career, he studied art from Sakuliu, who had boarded his horizon.  Cemelesai's carving artworks with various indigenous totems are famous in the market. He likes to innovate and prefers to do low-key and sophisticated wood carving. Now, he is the only indigenous artist who integrates his delicate carving skills into a popular, retro, and mysterious carving style.

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