DATE: 2021/11/10

Dondon Houmwm _ indigenous artists from Taiwan

太魯閣族Truku / 東冬.侯溫(Dondon Houmwm)

Dondon Houmwm, an artist belonging to the Turuku people from Hualien, was born in Hualien County and raised in the Donmong community. When he was a teenager, he left his hometown to work in Taipei. While living in Taipei, Dong Dong received training from a theater. Gradually, he starts to create artworks in the forms of performing and performance art. In 2009, he returned to his hometown as an artist and creator and continued to create arts in his land. Besides, he established the Erlu Creative Art Workshop dedicated to youth empowerment, local affairs, and cultural development.


Dondon started from indigenous contemporary art in

the 2010s when he gained popularity with his unique outfit and performing style. His flamboyance contrasted the indigenous art’s focus that natural resources being the dominant creative material. After that, he combined video, installation, performing art, visual art as the main creative form. There is a sense of past and modernity in Dondon’s work. In his artwork “Prayer”(2013) and “Smapux”(2016), as the heir of the traditional ritual of his hometown, Dondon depicted the ambivalent mindset among the people between the traditional religion the new one introduced to his community. “Face of Road”(2012), and 3M-MAKEUP, as a sexual minority, Dondon responds humorously and sharply to the existing gender identity structure in traditional society.  These works are with personal experiences and consciousness. Dondon, through his art, directly explored issues that may not be appropriate to discuss in the community openly.


Written by Lu, Wei-Lu

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