DATE: 2022/03/07

Chang, En-Man _ indigenous artists from Taiwan

排灣族Paiwan / 張恩滿Chang, En-Man
Chang, En-Man, born and grew up in Taitung and is currently based in Taipei for work.  Before entering the National Taiwan University of Arts, she worked as a waitress, a designer in an advertisement company, and an art editor for a publishing house. Until she got into the university, she realized the unlimited creativity within multimedia material meanwhile the importance of perspectives an artwork can provide. Therefore, during her sophomore year, she decided to shift her focus from painting to multimedia creation. When she saw news of the widespread destruction by Typhoon Morakot in 2009, she thought of her mother, whose hometown is Daniaw village and was born in Dawu, and Chang's yearning to return home has since hatched.

Chang has been caring for indigenous peoples' adaptation and coordination of culture and survival with the outside world in the time of irreversible modernization, which is her staple for her creativity. She hopes to generate power from such an issue through art.


Written by Cai, Xin-Ye

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