DATE: 2022/02/10

Suggested Tours (One-Day Trips)

Welcome Song : 09:30-09:40

Farewell Song : 16:00-16:10

Blessing Ritual :10:00-10:10、14:00-14:10
Tamaluwan District 
Tamaluwan District demonstrates the traditional houses of Seediq, Atayal, Truku, Saisiyat, Puyuma, Amis, Kavalan, Sakizaya and Yami. Tourists can also experience various activities such as xylophone of the Atayal, swing of the Puyuma, children’s toys, traditional archery, etc. are also designed in this district.
Fuguwan District 
Fuguwan District demonstrates the traditional houses of Tsou, Bunun, Hla’alua, Kanakanavu, Paiwan, Rukai and Thao, partly of which display beads and beading techniques, wood carving skills and art works. People can experience Paiwan hand tattoo stickers and try on traditional costumes in this area.

Indigenous Performances :10:30-11:30、14:30-15:30

Rainbow Suspention Bridge
This bridge is named after a Bunun term “Harnivalval” (means rainbow). It is made to symbolize connection.
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