排灣族Paiwan / Masiswagger Zingrur


Masiswagger Zingrur, a Paiwan artist, was born in Timur Community, Sandimen Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan. His younger brother Kulele is an artist, and his father, Qumas Zingerur, is a master of Paiwan glaze beads. Masiswagger studied arts from high school up to graduate school. He is dedicated to preserving traditional arts. In the past two decades, he has focused on researching and producing traditional Paiwan pots. His artworks are mainly ceramic, sculpture, painting, and installation. Masiswagger believes that traditional arts have precious cultural value. However, he expressed concerns that, in his opinion, the modern art system has incorporated traditional art into the artistic dimension, which has caused traditional art to be inferior to contemporary art. He criticized that if there is no deep immersion in traditional cultural aesthetics and preservation, how can one add cultural significance to modern art, even creativity and innovation? In his creation, Masiswagger expresses his observation of the conflict between the traditional and modern art in the form of installations with the use of ready-made objects. His artworks convey a strong cultural identity and conceptual reflection. He uses proficient techniques in Paintings to show high tension, which reflects the profound thinking about civilization.

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