阿美族Amis / Kati-Lawas


Kati Lawas, an Amis artist, grew up in a city away from his hometown. For a long time, he felt mentally uprooted from his culture. After graduating from Hualien Normal College, he returned to his hometown and worked in the local school where he taught traditional dance with support from the school principal and students' families. Initially, he intended to teach the students traditional dance, and Kati gradually developed his choreographic style. 

Therefore, in 2005 he established a modern dance theater to give local children professional training. Moreover, he went to the Ph.D. program of Graduate Institute of Dance at Taipei National University of the Arts for which he did extensive field studies in traditional dance and theory to teach local children. Most children who entered the theater are in elementary school—his teaching focus on making the children concentrate on interacting with the dance at the given moment. Kati sees his students as treasures to whom he holds solid educational responsibility.

Kati has initially analyzed some phenomena regarding indigenous contemporary/modern and music/dance troupes: first, most works from the Formosa Aboriginal Singing and Dance Troupe were passed down and presented in the form of contemporary art. Second, some amateur dancers, although without professional training, are becoming a new type of dancer. They have a uniquely theatrical style and are more tourist-oriented and localized groups. He once again emphasized that the one’s ability to deeply understand body is far more important than to have professional training.

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