雅美族/達悟族Yami/Tao / Sirman Misarkoa


Sirmam Misakoa, a Tao artist, is from the Iranmeylek Community, Lanyu Island. Knowing his father’s concerns on passing down Tao culture, Sirman was determined to assist his father’s artwork. Sirman learned from his father inch by inch the traditional canoe-making skill, which was on the verge of disappearing. Sirman’s artworks base on conventional canoe. To pass down traditional culture and make a creative canoe, Sirman did extensive research and fieldwork on the building material.

Sirman’s perseverance in having traditional material is reflected in the consistent quality of his canon despite its varying size. Through his persistence for culture, Sirman hopes that he can pass down Tao people’s character of being serious, persistent for self-improvement. As the descendent of canon leaders, he also took on the responsibility to pass down the traditional making of the Tao canoe.

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