排灣族Paiwan / Shen, Wan-Shun.


Shen, Wan-Shun's father, Shen, Chiu-Ta, is a well-respected wood sculptor who inherited and carried his family's renowned carving skills that passed down for generations.  Many chiefs and dignitaries widely collect his artworks as their house decoration, and collectors praise his creations for being one of the most traditional Paiwan wood carvings.

Under the influence of the environment and a strong sense of mission of continuing the family wood carving skills, Shen, Wan-Shun started to learn sculpturing from 13. In the face of indigenous cultural loss due to the impact of modernization, he held on to his faith. He was determined to be an outstanding indigenous sculptor to fulfill his father's dying wish, from which he inspires the young generation to value traditional culture, and it's been seen as a way to save the culture.

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