排灣族Paiwan / Kulele Ruladen


Kulele Ruladen, a Paiwan artist, was born in Timur Community, Sandimen Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan. His father, Qumas Zingerur, is a Paiwan glass beads master. After graduating from the National Academy of Arts ( now National Taiwan University of Arts), Kulele returned to Timur, established Birdman Sky Studio, and worked as a full-time artist. His artworks are diverse, including paintings, inlaid bead paintings, metal sculptures, multi-media, installation, kinetic art, cultural and creative products, etc.

His creative momentum comes from the loss of his culture, his returning home, and conflicts between traditional and modern society.

His artworks translate traditional symbols into new meanings with a focus on modernity. Ruladen is not limited by his background and has profound observations and quests regarding conflicts and ethnic relations in contemporary society. He is flexible while assertive in using various media, and his artworks have gorgeous layers.

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