阿美族Amis / Tafong Kati


Tafong Kati is Pangcah from Tafalong community. After retiring from the army, he learned woodcarving from a studio in Hualien. Like many other indigenous community-based artists, Tafong uses easily accessible material, driftwood, as the main medium of his artworks. 

While concentrating on picking up the driftwood, his inspirations come as Tafong gazes, touches the driftwood. For Tafong, his creativity is not limited by one single medium, and the contemporary Pangcah woodcarving environment has encouraged him to explore various materials. His artworks aim to convey the contexts of indigenous communities amid the clash between the traditional and modern lifestyles. His shaping of artworks features a sophisticated combination of various wood and different materials. Tafong's recent creations are all finished with long-time investment. And they are in the spectrum of delicate and rough.

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