阿美族Amis / Ruby Swana


Ruby Swana is an Amis artist born in Taitung County. Before starting her artistic career in 1994, she worked for twelve years as a shop window designer in Taipei. From her working experience, Ruby had learned the usage of natural material and its spirituality and aesthetics. In 1995 Ruby worked as the visual designer for the Mountain and Sea -- Amis Woodcarving Festival, after which her life changed, and she, therefore, returned to the East Coast to start her artistic career to this day.

Ruby's artworks are mainly made of natural materials. However, she also tries to use different media. Her artworks reveal her preferences in a different stage of life and the message she aims to convey. As a female, Ruby is fully aware of her physical limitations. Therefore, when she was working on her large installation work "Driftwood," she strategized to slowly pile up pieces of driftwood, whether big or small, thick or thin, then gradually shape them up. Her large artwork is done in such way, which is characterized by lightness and dynamic dignity.

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