排灣族Paiwan / Arucanglj Rusagelet


Arucanglj Rusagelet is a Paiwan artist from Qapedang community, Taiwu Township, Pingtung County. Arucanglj suffered from polio from a young age. However, his physically challenged life has made his artwork special, talented in using words from local culture to express his deep-down feelings, which stands out among indigenous artists. A lot of his friends call him Alai. Arucanglj loves to make jokes. Despite the inconvenience caused by polio, his positivity about his life shows in his talks. He says his limbs resemble a hundred-pacer snake; therefore, he named his studio the Sky of Hundred-pacers.

He often spends time in the studio, painting quietly for half day. Although his hands are not as strong, his perseverance has overcome his physical limits. His paintings, inspired by his ancestral spirits, convey Paiwan culture. Arucanglj's artworks are not only visually exquisite but rich in storytelling that leads people to explore their inner selves.

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