阿美族Amis / Iyo Kacaw


Iyo Kacaw comes from Makota'ay, a coastal Amis community with creative vibes. Early in his junior high school's gem processing program, Iyo showed a high degree of love for art. Hualien, blessed with a large amount of jade, Iyo followed his teacher to climb mountains and rivers to find good stones.

Iyo followed his brother, Sapud Kacaw, and learned about arts from Rahic Talif. At that time, he didn't know any technic and just explored freely. Coming from a low-income family, Iyo’s father has taught Iyo to catch lobsters, cast nets, dive, etc., in exchange for money. Back then, he often went diving and learned the changes and color of sea, the bleaching of corals from which he knew where to find fish, lobster, and octopus, and he also can make a prediction on waves. Iyo's artworks have expressed such power of sea.

It is the most challenging to create an individuality in arts. Iyo still concerns the sea a great deal. In his opinion, the sea has wrinkles, which are intensely tuned, the seabed is empty, and the ecology is exhausted on the edge of dying.

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