阿美族Amis / Adaw Palaf Langasan


In the contemporary indigenous performing arts community, Adaw Palaf Langasan's experience is unique, from the collectivism of his culture to his philosophical individuality, from being a member of the Formosan Aboriginal Singing and Dance Troupe to a participant in international art festivals. Adaw has been to a variety of performing venues. To a certain extent, his career reflects the development of Taiwan's indigenous performing arts. Adaw established the "Langasan Theatre" in the Tafalong community and created dance collectively and co-living with the local people. 

He rearranged all the dance works presented by the participants from the Start Fire, Ritual Ground, Atavan - Indigenous Performing Arts Workshop. He made them into a dance called "Misa-Lisin," for which Adaw was invited to participate in the 2014 Edinburgh Festival Fringe and 2015 Festival d'Avignon.

Adaw has repeatedly used mud and mirrors in his performance in recent years. These objects have become his signatures.  He puts mud on the performers, mirror, stage, sprinkles water, and places small stones on stage. Those objects naturally transform the actions on the stage into unbalanced sliding and wiping, conveying people's ever-existing desire to be close to the earth. The mirror held in the arms or above the head is like eyes and light that have just been enlightened in chaos. The moment dialectically reflects the dimensions of the virtual image. However, Adaw doesn't answer in his dance as to which side is the dreamy illusion.


Written by Huang Yingying

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