泰雅族atayal / Yuma Taru


Yuma Taru is a practitioner in documenting the history of indigenous fiber clothing. To see Tayal's traditionally-made weaving in her eyes and its colors, patterns, and texture, Yuma started fieldworks in her twenties and interviewed elders who were born before 1901. At the same time, she traveled to many countries to see the Tayal weaving sent to Europe, America, and East Asia in the 17th century. Yuma has visited more than 200 indigenous communities and produced 40 books on genealogy from a holistic Tayal perspective apart from a focally anthropological study. Yuma has traced back the Tayal history from a hundred years ago and foresaw the possibility for Tayal in the next hundred years from now. 

After the second decade of her field research and long-distance travel, Yuma decided to revitalize the traditional Tayal weaving in her community. Thus, she established Lihang Studio, where most workers are local women. The studio has become a financial source for many families and a place for the local women to support each other and source of their financial independence. 

From 2000 to 2009, the studio has replicated over 500 pieces of Tayal weaving, most of which are collected by various museums, providing income for the local women. Above all, and local women have obtained weaving skills that allow them to take root culturally in their hometowns.

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