阿美族Amis / Mayaw Biho


Mayaw Biho, comes from the Tafalong Community. For a long time, he has made documentaries to care for indigenous issues. He likes to discuss specific problems at different events. In his opinion, documentaries are not just to record events but also to witness the process of culture and people’s reality being documented.

In recent years, he has had concerns for indigenous peoples’ transitional justice. Besides, Mayaw opened a kindergarten in his hometown, Hualien, for which he has planned and gone great lengths to raise funds in many places for 20 years. At the time, the most frequently asked question from student’s parents is how their children can academically connect to high schools even college. Mayaw thinks that the kindergarten aims to explore children’s potential to master their talents in Amis traditional knowledge system. Therefore, children can understand their land as much as possible. He hopes that such a mode can extend to college-level education in the future, providing alternative education.

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